Environment Friendly & Data Driven Pest Control Solutions

“Without data, it’s only an opinion.”

We leverage data and technology to design chemical-free and sustainable solutions that protect our city in Nature.


From the start, ORIGIN factors in environmental impact in our approach; our solutions are effective, not just quick-fixes.

  1. 1974 -1995

    1974: The ORIGIN Group was founded.

    1987: The ORIGIN Group diversified into multiple businesses:

      • Exterminators (pest control)
      • Porta Loo
      • Gardens & Lawn Care
      • Carpet Cleaning

    1991: ORIGIN Exterminators, a pest control and management company in Singapore, was established, focusing on pest management.

    1995: Introduction of ILT (Insect Light Trap) glue boards specifically designed for pest management traps.

  2. 1996 - 2006

    2000 - ORIGIN was the first pest management company in the world to be certified ISO 14001


    2002: ORIGIN Termite Baiting Systems were introduced for termite control.
    2003: BTi (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) was introduced, a biological larvicide used for mosquito control.
    2004: The "Rat Attack" and Bug Byte software were launched, with BugByte™ being a computerized management system that provides real-time job updates and downloads.

    2005: PIPPA, the termite detection dog, started helping Singaporeans identify termites on their properties. 

  3. 2007 - 2017

     2007: Won the ACCA Environmental and Social Reporting Award (SESRA).

    2008: Implemented ISO 45001 standards and introduced the Renault Kangoo dCi 70 vehicle.

    2009: Received the CSR Recognition Award from Singapore Compact.

    2010: Introduced SPARKY,  Singapore's first bed bug detection dog, capable of detecting bed bugs with greater speed and accuracy than human inspection methods.

    • Achieved 1st place in the Future Problem Solving Program at the University of Wisconsin through collaboration with the zoo and HCI.

    2012: Introduced the GOTCHA WiFi sensors on traps.

    2014: Launched Ratsense - a 24/7 Rodent Surveillance System, an IoT-based solution for continuous monitoring and tracking of rodent movement.

  4. 2018 - 2024

    2019: Introduced the ORIGIN 3+1 Mosquito Management Program, a comprehensive approach targeting mosquitoes, larvae, and micro-breeding sites.

    2021: Achieved ISO 45001 certification and BizSafe Star recognition.

    2022: Commenced fleet electrification, adopting electric vehicles to become an environmentally friendly pest control company in Singapore 


ORIGIN firmly believes that preventive measures enable chemical-free solutions. Our goal is to pinpoint the root cause to resolve the issue, instead of reacting with traps and treatment.


Determine Source

  • Breeding and harborage sources
  • Sanitation and housekeeping
  • Previous pest control efforts

Identify pest

  • On-site sightings of actual pests
  • Sanitation and housekeeping
  • Signs of pest activity


Developed BugByte™ - computerised
management system which enables real-time
updates and downloads of jobs


Propose Plan

  • Inform the client of all observations
  • Highlight problem areas that can be improved
  • Share our treatment for each pest and area

Execute treatment

  • Monitoring stations (including sensors)
  • Baits and traps
  • Pesticides


  • Post-treatment cautions
  • Gentle reminders for housekeeping or repairs
  • Thank client for cooperation and sign report


Staff Development: Internal training and workshops ensure that staff members stay up-to-date with industry news and expand their technical expertise in pest management.

Operations Manager: The Operations Manager is a qualified, experienced trainer who previously lectured at RECC. They ensure the team is in top form by conducting:

  • Insect biology and pest management lessons.
  • Practical sessions and workshops on treatments and product/chemical handling.
  • Micro-learning through the Gnowbe app.

Client Workshops: Training workshops for client staff are available upon request

If you're passionate about working with the best pest control and management company in Singapore, we welcome dedicated professionals to join our team. Reach out to explore exciting career opportunities at ORIGIN




Our team is aligned and on top of every client’s requirements and preferences


2024 and Beyond

With more of the world now holding themselves responsible based on ESG standards, ORIGIN is picking up momentum and gearing our efforts towards a globally recognized level.

In order to do good, we need to do well too. ORIGIN looks for like-minded partners to learn from and grow stronger together in our sustainability journey.

We offer a free consultation on your pest problem to help you select the best way forward to address your pest issue. 


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