RATSENSE(r) - Rodent Monitoring System

A cost-effective IoT monitoring solution that tracks and trends rodent movement 24/7



Lightweight and water-resistant, our sensor records heat and/or movement as hit counts. Data is transmitted 24/7 in real time for analysis. With this information, we gather insights to develop targeted strategies for rodent control.


The positions of sensors are plotted out on a digital map for quick and easy reporting. Our team has direct access to the data to make better and informed decisions on site, without having to physically get to the sensors.



Every client gets an exclusive and secured dashboard. Hot spots, trend analysis, and details of the service are presented in user-friendly visuals for easy reference.

Who Should Get It

Anyone looking for:

Hassle free setup RATSENSE uses LPWAN network that has a very wide and strong connectivity which requires only a few base stations even for large sites.

long product life Our battery lasts 2-3 years which significantly reduces the man-hours required for maintenance.

integratability Other IoT solutions can be easily implemented on the same network (eg. tempreature monitoring, air quality meter).

intel on rodents Hot spots identified and internal algorithms tell us where traps can be placed strategically to avoid trap shyness.

quantifiable results With data and information, every action being accounted enables us to effecfively troubleshoot our pest management efforts.