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They may look harmless, but over the years, the viruses they carry have proven that mosquito bites can be fatal. People have differing reactions to bites, ranging from mild irritation to intense inflammation and swelling. Mosquito control in Singapore is usually an integrated effort that involves targeted eradication of Mosquito Larvae and Adult Mosquitoes.



Mosquitoes can breed in microhabitats such as a curled up leaf or hard pockets of soil where water accumulates after rain – check your gutters, drains and gardens frequently. Get rid of stagnant water.

mosquito control Singapore

In Singapore, the most common species of mosquitoes are the Aedes Mosquito, Anopheles Mosquito and Culex Mosquito. Mosquitoes do not discriminate in their choice of breeding locations – and simply need a tiny puddle of stagnant water around your home to start multiplying.


ORIGIN 3+1 Programme is an innovative mosquito control technique that ensures effective elimination of mosquitoes. It includes 3 mosquito control services coupled with an intelligent monitoring system to measure the effectiveness of the programme.

  1. Dual Misting –Depositing a fine mist of pesticide solution into potential mosquito breeding areas (otherwise known as: ORIGIN 2-in-1 Mosquito Control, refer below for detailed explanation).
  2. Source Reduction – Conduct a thorough inspection of your premises by our skilled pest control service technicians for best recommendations on the elimination of mosquito breeding habitats.
  3. Monitoring – Monitoring software which helps us document larval count.
  4. Trapping –Utilising traps which contain a larvicide solution and fungus to slowly curb the adult mosquitoes and its larvae.


This treatment can be coupled with a residual pesticide, which will coat all surfaces that the mist falls on. When adult mosquitoes land on the treated areas, the residual effect of the pesticide will eliminate them. This is termed as ORIGIN’s 2-in-1 treatment, and with this treatment.


BTI: Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis) is a naturally occurring soil micro-organism that specifically targets mosquito larvae without harming beneficial insects such as dragonflies and ladybugs. Bti is totally water-based and harmless. It does not cause any respiratory problems within individuals who may be sensitive to inhalation of smoke that is generated from thermal fogging.


MISTING: It involves dispensing chemicals in large open planter areas in the form of mist. It does not have any adverse effects on the plants. This misting is able to target hard-to-reach areas such as the microhabitats for mosquito breeding created within the parks, recreational areas, tree holes, landscaped areas and more.


FOGGING : Fogging is a technique that involves using a pesticide which is directed by a blower on the target areas in the form of smoke. Fogging covers a large area killing adult mosquitoes and all other insects.


LARVACIDING : Larvaciding is an effective mosquito control technique. It is used to target and control the development of mosquito larvae. The ORIGIN mosquito experts at ORIGIN check potential hotspots and carry out larvaciding. The different kinds of pesticides used in any mosquito control programme include: BTI dunks, temephos dunks, anti-malaria oil and granules.


SOURCE REDUCTION : Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Destroying all mosquito breeding and potential breeding habitats found during the inspection is the most effective way to control the mosquitoes. Ground puddles, discarded containers, water storage containers, choked drains, roof gutters, are some examples.

Here are a few simple yet effective mosquito control and prevention techniques to help prevent mosquito breeding:

  • Fill and repair ground depressions.
  • Clear choked drains and roof gutters regularly.
  • Cover all infrequently used gully traps, and toilet bowls.
  • Remove accumulation of water in buckets, watering cans kept in open, plates of potted plants etc.
  • Continually change the water for flower vases, potted plant plates & water containers.
  • Cover any containers used for storage that are kept outdoors, to prevent rainwater accumulation. If using a canvas sheet to cover, make sure it is pulled taut and to prevent collection of water.
  • Removal of dried leaves and sand/debris accumulation from drains to avoid water clogging Using mosquito nets/screens on all windows or doors where possible.

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