Residential landscaping can make or break your mosquito and fly control problems. Our ORIGINators are able to give you relevant advice on your landscaping needs.




Most residential estates are thoughtfully landscaped especially around recreational spaces such as the pool, playground and barbeque pits. While the lush greenery beautifies, it often gives way to breeding grounds for mosquitoes – curled leaves and popular palms are some examples of microhabitats.



Flies often become a problem in residential estates when fruiting trees and plants are present. This can escalate to food poisoning, dysentery and typhoid within the estate as flies are contaminating pathogen-carriers.

  • Treatment mist
    We use a targeted treatment mist specifically for flying insects – which is environmentally conscious

  • Landscaping advice
    Looking long-term, we are equipped to advise on your landscaping choices



Rats pose a unique challenge as more than one species can be active within a residential estate. Highly intelligent and adaptable, they can be extremely difficult to exterminate. ORIGIN engages a variety of rodent management strategies to deal with this

  • Elimination
    Our ORIGINators will conduct intensive inspections and trappings for highly infested areas. We can also deploy RATSENSE technology to track rodent movement via sensors to identify extreme infestations.

  • Maintenance
    ORIGIN establishes boundary protection with rodent traps and bait stations along the external perimeter of the estate



A termite infestation within a residential asset can cause panic in homeowners – as an active colony can rip through door frames, wooden paneling and flooring in a matter of months. Termite damage can require massive maintenance and devalue the property.


To protect your estate from a termite infestation, ORIGIN can offer long-term protection with our Termite Baiting System. It is a dual-working barrier system that intercepts and redirects termites to baiting stations, while eliminating them.


For more information on our effective treatment system, please click here.



Many residential estates have consolidated bins and chutes – prime locations for cockroach infestations – which find their way into homes and shared food spaces, such as barbeque pits. Beyond being a nuisance, they can develop to be a health concern.


ORIGIN recommends progressive treatment – starting with regular bin chute misting and fogging, to regularly rotating chemicals used to prevent cockroaches from developing resistance to these treatments. It is all part of the ORIGIN quality assurance.