They may look harmless, but over the years,the viruses they carry have proven that mosquito bites can be fatal. People have differing reactions to bites, ranging from mild irritation to intense inflammation and swelling. In the worst cases, these bites can cause immune system disorders that could be fatal.
Mosquitoes control in Singapore is usually an integrated effort that involves targetted eradication of Mosquito Larvae and Adult Mosquitoes. Here are some things that you might want to know about these little troublemakers:



Mosquitoes can breed in microhabitats such as a curled up leaf or hard pockets of soil where water accumulates after rain – check your gutters, drains and gardens frequently. Get rid of stagnant water.


In Singapore, the most common species of mosquitoes are the Aedes Mosquito, Anopheles Mosquito and Culex Mosquito.Mosquitoes do not discriminate in their choice of breeding locations – and simply need a tiny puddle of stagnant water around your home to start multiplying.

ORIGIN takes mosquito pest control seriously and offers a highly effective, environmentally-conscious and family-safe treatment.


ORIGIN uses a water-based mist, not conventional smoke fogging, as effective mosquitoes control – known as BTI. Beyond not affecting those with respiratory problems, it targets only mosquito larvae (and not other beneficial insects) and doesn’t release any toxic fumes into the environment. BTI offers a higher efficiency rate of controlling your mosquito problem over any other method.

Larvaciding is the most efficient and effective means of mosquitoes control. It is targeted at mosquito larvae, which is the most vulnerable stage of the mosquito life cycle and before they ever have a chance to emerge as adults mosquitoes. There are many different types of larvicides in the market for mosquito control. We use different pesticides in our larviciding program: BTI dunks, temephos dunks, oil and granules.

Adulticiding is mosquitoes control in their adult stage. The most common method of adulticiding is ultra-low volume (ULV) spraying. ULV spraying is a fine mist of droplets that quickly eliminate mosquitoes that come into contact with them. There is also the conventional method of adulticiding which is called mosquito fogging, where you see clouds of smoke.


  • Effectively reaches all possible microhabitats within the area
  • Eliminates mosquito larvae
  • Target-specific action with no harm done to beneficial insects
  • Water-based & stain-free
  • Fog-free & more effective than fogging method
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safety conscious for family members with asthma
ORIGIN still offers conventional larviciding and fogging upon request. However we will be happy to discuss a complimentary trial upgrade to the 2-in-1 treatment option.
In zone treatment, a physical barrier against mosquitoes is created, deterring them from entering the premises. External walls are sprayed thoroughly with a chemical adulticide, killing any mosquitoes landing on the surface. The effect is residual, thus after just one treatment, your area is physically protected against mosquitoes for 4 – 6 weeks. Zone treatment can be used with misting, to safeguard both outdoor and indoor areas against mosquitoes. Given the length of time for the chemical residue to remain effective, our recommendation is a monthly frequency for this treatment.


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