You can pick up bed bugs almost anywhere—offices, hotels and gyms for starters. They are great at hiding and have a reputation of hitchhiking in luggage, personal belongings or even on your clothes. Once indoors, they can be very difficult to locate without the help of an experienced pest specialist. You can reduce your chances of a costly bed bug removal by catching them early. ORIGINators has a famous bed bug detective dog, Sparky! Watch the video to learn how he aids in bed bugs control with over 95% accuracy.



Wash and dry your bed linen in at least 60 degrees Celsius to kill bedbugs and their eggs, which may be in your linen. When back from a holiday, check your luggage and clothes carefully for bed bug hitch hikers.

Bed Bug



ORIGIN offers several bed bug control and treatment options to best suit your home and family to eradicate your bed bug problems.

Sparky is our Pest Detection Dog wonder in Singapore, who is trained to sniff out bed bugs – especially if you’re unsure whether you have bed bugs or not. Sparky also serves as an audit tool to ensure there aren’t more live bed bugs existing on the property – which is why we are one of the very few service companies in Singapore who can give you a warranty for our treatment.
The ULV misting is a two-step treatment that emits fine water-based insecticide particles that penetrate cracks and crevices. After spraying, the mist is left to diffuse through the whole room for about 4 hours.

Treatment Step 1: Aids in attacking the majority of bed bugs in the premises

Treatment Step 2: Helps to control the population of newly-hatched bed bugs

As there aren’t chemical treatments to eliminate unhatched bed bug eggs, Treatment 2 needs to be administered 2 weeks after the first treatment, after the eggs have hatched.

Click here for more information on how to prepare your home for ULV Misting.
In non-chemical treatment, bed bugs are killed solely through heat. Superheated steam is passed through a nozzle and is aimed directly at bed bug nesting areas. Our ORIGINator’s expertise in recognising potential bed bug hiding areas ensures an effective treatment.

As heat kills bed bugs at all developmental stages, including eggs, only one treatment may be required. Also, whereas ULV misting offers a delayed, residual effect, heat treatment offers an immediate effect. Heat treatment is suitable for you if you prefer a gentler, chemical-free approach for your home.

If you purchase our full package (2 Sparky Inspections and 1 treatment), it includes a 30-day warranty for your home. Call us now to find out more!