ORIGIN Reaches Out to F&B Owners through Restaurant Association of Singapore

ORIGIN Reaches Out to F&B Owners through Restaurant Association of Singapore

ORIGIN was proud to be initiated as a member of the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) on 26 July, during the Pleasures Networking Event. With issues of rodent infestations rising and Zika scares, there is an urgent need to safeguard premises against pests and ensure preventive measures are taken, especially at critical areas such as F&B units and restaurants. ORIGIN thus joined with this aim, seeking to educate and offer our services to enhance the hygiene, dining experienceand service quality for the F&B Industry.

About RAS
Established in 1980, RAS started with only 20 members, andhas since grown to more than 340 members for over 2,500 restaurant outlets. It works closely with various government bodies and F&B related associations overseas to develop and propel the local F&B industry. RAS promotes industry development and excellence, create interests and aspirations of Singapore’s Food and Beverage community.

Conducting Outreach to RAS Members
On 20th September, ORIGIN conducted a webinar exclusively for RAS members, on the threats of Zika to the F&B Industry. A brief history of Zika and important facts were iterated, and various treatments relevant to F&B units were explained and recommended. ORIGIN aims to continue in outreach activities to the F&B Industry in education, consultation and recommendation of treatments to various pest problems.

The ever increasing rodent problem in the F&B industry
With increasing issues of rodent sightings in shopping malls, the urgency and importance of rodent control cannot be emphasised enough. Rodent trapping alone is increasingly becoming ineffective, as rodents are learning to outsmart traps. There is a need for hard data in rodent monitoring, and RATSENSE, a system of sensors placed in false ceilings, provides the avenue for this. To find out more about RATSENSE, click here. ORIGIN thus aims to work hand-in-hand with restaurant owners in managing and eradicating rodent infestations. ORIGIN can also share its expertise in preventive measures, to protect brand reputation and maintain top-notch dining experiences for customers.

ORIGIN works with many clients from the F&B sector, from restaurants to fast food chains to food production factories. We understand the importance and sensitivity of these sites, and provide customised solutions to each site. besides treatments, we also conduct audits and thorough inspections, to ensure the area is free from pests. Do consult us today if you are facing an infestation at your premises.