More than Just a Man’s Best friend: Bed Bug Detection Dog

More than Just a Man’s Best friend: Bed Bug Detection Dog

Bed bugs are one of the most common and most irritating pests at home. Despite their size, they are really dangerous for your family’s health and hygiene as they can transmit parasites and different kinds of diseases. They are really hard to visually locate as they are cryptic. Good thing, dogs can help us to spot these pests easily.


Apart from bed bug detection, a well-trained canine can also differentiate live bugs from eggs based on the infestation leftovers like skins, egg shells, feces, etc. This helps a lot in treating the entire infestation area, and cost-saving, too.


Unfortunately, there are only a few pest management companies and exterminators that have the capability to incorporate such technique into their bed bug control processes.


Read below to know how a dog provides additional help to detect pests, and some key benefits of incorporating such method into the pest control process:


1.  There is no harm in mentioning that canines are highly accurate and have a high percentage of successfully detecting bed bugs in residential and commercial areas. Since dogs have one of the best sniffing capabilities, they can easily trail live bed bugs through mattresses, walls, beds, furniture and other hard to reach areas that a human inspector will have a hard time with.


2. Using bed bug detection dog also helps reduce the inspection time without sacrificing the quality of work as they are highly accurate and efficient. They can be used to search an entire building in a shorter period of time compare to a pest management specialist. One of the best things about bed bug detection dogs is that they will inspect each room of the building with minimal disruption, leaving no mess and clutter behind. With their strong sense of smell, the painsticking task of removing carpets, baseboards, or even dismantling furniture can be a thing of the past.


3. Lastly, they help in reducing the cost of treating a severe infestation and last stage pest management plans by ensuring early detection even when the bed bugs are in their eggs stage. The early detection helps in applying cost-effective pest control techniques that are notas extensive compare to the treatments being applied in dealing with sever infestation cases.


If your home, office, or business establishment is affected by these parasitic insects — or even if you’re just seeing some signs of a possible bed bug infestation – do not hesitate to call a reputable pest management company. The earlier the specialist examines the condition of your surroundings, the better.